5 Steps to Kickstart Your Creative Juices

We’ve all had that feeling like we’re stuck in a rut, whether it’s writers block or you’re struggling for ideas for your next masterpiece. Even at work; in stressful situations that involve problem solving you need to let your mind free in order to think outside of the box. Well, if you’ve come for a solution to that problem you’ve come to the right blog.

  1. Adjusting your mindset

Of course, positive comments are great to get. However, it’s important to learn to take negative comments with a pinch of salt. Feedback will always be biased because people have different perspectives on things. Though you should be comfortable with asking for it, don’t let someone’s opinion make you feel like it’s not good enough. Appreciate the good aspects of your work and don’t be afraid to criticize yourself. Constantly view your work with the questions in mind like, “How could this be improved upon?” Accept that you are not perfect and that you are always working to achieve more and strive to work to the best of your ability.

  1. Don’t be a perfectionist

Even the greatest artists of this world nit-pick at their work, but being a perfectionist is likely to stifle your output. Sure, you may produce some low-quality pieces of work, but everything in life is a trial, and without experimentation we might still be living with Fred, Wilma and Pebbles.

  1. Actively put yourself into situations you know you might fail

I know what you’re thinking, it seems counter-intuitive, right? But nevertheless, many perfectionists are afraid of failing, and therefore don’t take the time to step outside of their comfort zone. Succumbing to this mindset with only lead to restricting your path and if you don’t strike out at least some of the time, you’re not trying hard enough. Let go of your ego, don’t expect to fail but prepare for it and jump into new situations. Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

  1. Do your own thing

Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by trends and feel as though you need to stick to the guidelines. Break the barrier; you shouldn’t try to be doing what everyone else is doing, because one single person made that happen and you can too by exploring things no one has before. Also, it’s crucial to take advantage of your alone time by doing what you enjoy and what helps you be inspired. This doesn’t mean you should be anti-social, but for many their creativity is enhanced when they’re alone with themselves. Equally, find someone who you can share ideas with and who helps your brainstorming sessions. Being collaborative can help some open up their mind when they’re interacting with others.

  1. Challenge yourself with creative exercises

Limiting yourself to using only the most basic tools can sometimes challenge you to stretch your creativity to the limit. You’ll have incredible skills in using the most basic tools and this will allow you to almost anything. If you’re a painter, limit yourself to one medium and just primary colours. If you draw, limit yourself to only pencil. If you’re a movie-maker, limit yourself to black and white (as with photography you can do the same). Sometimes you find the most beauty in simplicity.

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