Is your commute to work stressful?

Does your travel to work stress you out more than work itself? The majority of people will have to commute a long way to work and if you don’t then you’re very lucky. Not only is commuting to work stressful and long but it can also cause anxiety and not being able to complete work due to a stressful commute travelling to and from work can reduce your work rate.

Whenever we consider starting a new job very few of us give too much thought to the length of time it might take to travel to our place of work each day. The majority of people just hop in their car at a random time in the morning and expect to get to work on time, not even taking into consideration the works traffic early in the morning. What if your car breaks down on the drive? Have you got another form of transport to get to work arranged? Is there a scheduled bus route or other form of public transport that takes you from your home to work? Make sure you check these options before considering starting a new job or moving

But nothing is worse to travel on than a bus. Having to rely on public transport to get to work is one reason why you arrive to work nearly every day late. You never actually know when they’re going to turn up. That’s if it actually does turn up. Trains are also a very expensive and hard way to travel to work because no matter what time the trains are there’s never one that will get you to work right on time. You’ll either be half an hour early or half an hour late.

Some people prefer to cycle to work rather than using a vehicle or travelling on public transport. Cycling to work does reduce carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere.

At your work place you could get a group of people who live near you and that you work with to cycle 3 times a week to work. It will lower the carbon emissions being put into the atmosphere, it will reduce the intake of fuel that you have to supply your car with every week and it will give you the chance to do some exercise. Some employees may not be able to cycle to work due to the distance from where they live to how far they have to travel to work every day.

Travelling to work can take a while if you’ve got to go through a busy town centre, so as soon as you start a new job you need to think of some possibilities. You should also have a separate route to go if you’re stuck in traffic on your usual route. That way you can take another route and you won’t feel the pressure build up on you if you’re going to be late to work.

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