The Importance of ‘Me Time’ and How to Reap the Benefits

There is a need in this day and age to be constantly busy to feel like we’re always achieving something or other. We put our energy into so many things to please others and because we believe it may give some measure of success. The truth is, making yourself the top priority is hard when you have an endless list of chores, e-mails, parenting, family and work matters, but the benefits of scheduling yourself some all-important ‘me time’ are endless.

Very busy business

In a lot of cases, large periods of hard work will negatively impact on you. Combined with the inability to sit still and enjoy being alone and doing nothing, stress can lead to serious health risks and sometimes may even result in psychological effects. Some of the things known to have derived from stress and a lack of personal time include things like heart attacks, obesity, asthma and even premature deaths. Mentally, you may have experienced mental fatigue, confusion, insomnia, anxiety, depression or increased irritability. Getting your head down for a good night’s rest is equally important as giving yourself time out to yourself.

Having an on-the-go lifestyle can almost blind you from the fact you have forgotten about yourself and keeping healthy and alert. However, with the following reasons to book in some ‘me time’, you might just realise it’s for the best.

  1. It will recharge your mind and body.

Busy, busy, busy… and what does busy mean? Stress. All of this running round malarkey is probably causing you to become increasingly tired. You need a break from the same mundane tasks. When you’re feeling sluggish and like you’re ready to collapse, your ‘me time’ can slow you down and charge your mind and increase your productivity level as it’s fresh again! ‘Me time’ can be anything. Whether you enjoy reading, getting your nails done, retail therapy or even just watching a film in bed on your own.



  1. It allows better focus.

Regain focus using relaxation methods and techniques. Taking a break from your work allows your mind to process information better and rejuvenates the mind, making it freshly prepared for work again the next day. The problem is that we’re all trying to focus more, without realising we’re focusing too much on trying to focus and forgetting that stressing about focusing is actually impacting on your concentration. Get it? Good. Focusing on you today will enable your future self to calm down and focus better on tasks/ projects.



  1. You’ll love discovering yourself.

Whether it’s a hobby you’re interested in, but never got round to, a new skill set or even a stress-free activity, giving yourself time to explore new things allows you to find yourself and have a clearer view of who you are. ‘Me time’ gives you that chance to embrace your interests and feel a sense of accomplishment.


The simplest thing can often be the biggest change that is needed. All you need is to pencil in half an hour to yourself a day doing what you love and you’ll feel more at one with yourself and reap the benefits of a stress-free lifestyle.

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