Punctuality: 13 Steps to Curing Your Incessant Lateness

Woke up in a rush? Only got 10 minutes to get to work but you’re still stuck in an endless line of traffic? Has your morning been a total disaster and you’re in need of some urgent tactics to avoid this constant lateness? Oh, well you came to the right place.

  1. Be prepared for the day in advance, it only take 5 minutes to pack a bag together so you can swiftly flee in the morning.
  2. Lay out your clothes so you know what outfit to throw on, it avoids the stress of scouring through your wardrobe endlessly for something, when you know you’ll just end up picking whatever anyway.
  3. Complete any tasks you might normally leave for the morning, like writing emails or printing out documents. Don’t put anything like writing e-mails or printing out documents off till the morning, just do it! It saves those extra 10 minutes in a morning which means you’re already earlier for work.
  4. Have breakfast ready to go in the morning so it’s a quick, easy exit out the door. You could even prepare some overnight oats so it’s just grab & go!
  5. Keep your bag handy near the door so you’re not running around trying to find your essentials.
  6. Are you the kind of person that flings their possessions about the room? Someone who chucks the keys on the counter, wallet on the floor and somehow their phone down the kitchen sink? Reduce the time spent searching for everything in a morning by simply making a designated space for all of your essential items to go.
  7. Commit yourself to being 15 minutes early for everything, give yourself less time to get ready and get on with the day!
  8.  If waiting is your problem and so you try and get to work or even an appointment bang on time then taking a book to kill time will make it easier to be early.
  9. NEVER underestimate length of journey. Always give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes travel time in case of traffic, then at least you can say you tried to avoid it!
  10. At times it can be hard to prepare for your journey, you may not know how long it will take or be unsure of how to get there. That’s why it’s important to always prepare for your important events/ meetings and time the journey well so you know exactly when you should leave.
  11. Finally, if you know the journey takes you 45 minutes, what’s the harm in leaving an hour before you need to be there? This allows a stress-free commute as you won’t need to worry if there’s a little trip up.


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